Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Phuong and Roy Tied the Knot

I've an hour before my room broadband connection ends. Here I am, doing a quick entry on Phuong and Roy's beautiful wedding. It was a lovely wedding that put me nearly in tears when the bride and groom were exchanging their vows. That's just me, cry too easily, however, taking into consideration of my non-waterproof mascara, I managed to hold my tears back by asking Steph to tell me jokes. Hence, she reminded me of the 3P story, what a bitch!
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Their banquet was absolutely gorgeous. Phuong was of course drop dead beautiful. I shall say nothing about Roy *wink* And the food... every dish was very beautifully prepared, it was magnificent.We were placed on THE table, The D&D table - The Dateless & Desperate Table - fuck Roy!

Caught up with some acquaintances that I've met through Phuong, as well as getting to know some new people. It was a wonderful evening. Wonder who's next...


Anonymous said...

haiyoh, sorry lar, 3P did stop u from tearing though!

me however, smudged my mascara in kl :(

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Oh my, that fucking Roy should've just take me back to KL!

Steph, check your email, I've sent you the details and post pictures up on Multiply!!!

Anonymous said...

which email babe?

can send to highmaintenance@gmail ah? my absolutely-fuzzy one too much spam atm