Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Fuck Optus, fuck their poor customer service. Want to give me a free phone? Too late, my dear. Pissed me off the first time, I gave you another chance. Pissed me off the second time, good-bye!

So here I come, Three!

Some told me that their coverage is bad but living in the CBD, I don't think they'll be much of a problem. Not to forget the free K800i that they are giving me; the only company that offers free talk time on top of their caps; the cheaper call rates; and the funky features.

I'm not sure if Three is that great at all, but I can tell you now, Optus is fucked!

Can't wait to play with my new toy!!!


Anonymous said...

trust me... Three sucks...
we've been there done that and also poor customer service...
neways, how's your new toy?

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

June, Optus left me with no choice ler, they were really getting on my nerves. Vodafone doesn't include international call/sms in their cap plan, Telstra is very expensive, so I've no better choice.

My new toy is ultra cool!!!

You should get something from KL.