Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Older Men

How old is too old to fall in love?

When one who has achieved the so called sufficient amount of experiences in "relationship", say, engagements, break ups, marriages, divorces, flings, mind games, amongst others, is there the need of falling in love still? Or... perhaps, be in a relationship?

Is singleton the new coupledom for the older experienced men?

Also, when one has reached that age where you've 'been there done that', would you still be picky with your companions, say, sexual partners? Is the older the wiser, where the list of criteria grows according to the age? Or does it work otherwise where they are happy with any moving female creature that they are capable of grabbing hold of?

Sorry but I've got another question.

Will a man wines and dines a woman for the ulterior motive of sex (not for the first time) or will he just hits straight to the point and wastes no time and money? On contrary, is there anything more that a man is looking for when he spends enough time with a woman outside of the bedroom?

Are men as complicated as women, emotionally?


Anonymous said...

although i don't really understand what u are trying to say, but i second kimmy, throw rocks at bastards

Elizebeth D.L. said...

Actually, men are very simple emotionally, and physically too...

quite easy to guess their next move. The only thing is, it is difficult to guess thier "sincerity"... the older they gets, the more difficult for you to know whether they are serious in the relationship or not.

But fortunately we women 6th sense is always very chun. So... more or less, you know how good is him one:) Unless you really in hte heat heat love until u blind:) hehehe..

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Tracy, you second toothfairie right? Okay.

Toothfairie, let's make a date and throw rocks at KC

Deisy, you reckon our girls 6th sense is very chun? Hm... I wonder about mine. Their sincerity is the hardest part to predict I agree, that's the part that keeps us scratching heads