Saturday, October 21, 2006

30 Hours in Melbourne

After the melting heat in Sydney, I returned to the chilly Melbourne yesterday morning for my final presentation. It went well, phew... Yesterday was a crazy day for me

Airport - Home - Uni - Pedicure - Brazilian Waxing - Home - Dinner - Drinks till late.

Will be off to Brisbane in three hours' time and I've not packed a single thing, shite... am still stoned from not having enough sleep.

Will be bringing my Baby with me to Brisbane and Mackay as I'm suppose to get some work done, which means I'll still be able to connect to the virtual world while I'm away.

Feel like having fish & chips for lunch with Steph, but I've got a feeling that she's now eating with her friends. I better go get packed or I'll whine over things that I've left behind for the next 8 days.

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