Friday, October 13, 2006

Right Now Will do

Read this and thought it was funny, people comes out with innovative business idea everyday. But they sure won't make a single cent from me, although I've been very much pro-single lately. Just that their rings are mass produced, what for? I'd rather spend my money on handbags and shoes.

Speaking of being single, I'd recently think that I might end up being a spinster. Reason was I enjoy my status right now so much that I'm afraid by the time I'm ready to settle down, I'd be all old, wrinkly and wobbly that men my age can hardly see me clearly anymore with their bare eyes.

I've nothing against couplets but I'm just trying to share with you how much fun it is to be single.
  • I go out as much as I want
  • I stay in as much as I wish
  • I flirt with random people in public
  • I sleep with person that I like
  • I go on serial dating
  • I can be an anti-social and hog the TV
  • My time is my time
  • I don't need to waste my energy on arguments
  • My decision is final, no compromising needed
  • I don't need to share my food and when I feel like sharing, my friends are there
  • I have to whole bed to myself
  • If my bathroom is dirty, there's only myself to blame
  • I shop all I want and I should
  • I don't expect my dishes to be washed except by the dishwasher
Well, the list would just not end. I had been in love, and out of it. I'm not those who were scarred and had lost faith in love and men. To the contrary, I believe in finding love. I'm just an ordinary girl who is looking for true love (though I was told many times that it doesn't exist) and my perfect male. I'm still naively waiting for my fairy tale to happen. But this is not the time.

I'm interested in meeting men, but I've no interest in a relationship, yet. And if you ask me, am I happy, I can tell you this - yes, never happier. I dare to say that this year is by far, the happiest and the most eventful year I've had in my adulthood.

From getting over a relationship to putting myself out there in the dating scene, from losing a relationship to building new great friendships, from finishing my degree to starting my masters, everything's just great.

When things began, I was unsure about myself. I wasn't sure if I can handle having dinner with some men who were then pseudo-strangers to me. I did it, and before I knew it, I was professed the "serial dater". I had great fun, it's always nice to be treated like a woman - being wined and dined, chauffeured in and out, being the centre of attention. What's best is that they are not from one man - you're given choices but you are not obligated to pick, you are free to step in to your peaceful and quiet home, have the tele and bed by yourself, after being out in the buzzing hangouts for long enough.

I know I'll eventually be in the gamble of relationship again, when I cross path with my perfect male. As for now, if you ask me, no thanks. I can't handle losing what I'm having now, call me selfish if you like. I like to be up at four in the morning blasting my stereo and sipping on my hot chocolate while blogging without having to worry of keeping it low (except for the neighbours).

Furthermore, I don't know how to be a girlfriend, I've somehow forgotten, call me silly. But that's okay, things will fall together naturally, when it's meant to be. Who knows, I could've jumped from the serial dater to the girlfriend before anyone realizes it.

Until I find my Mr. Right, Mr. Right-Now will do just right.


angela said...

Babe, Mr Right-Now will be gone the instant Mr Right appears on your doorstep.
And at that moment, you will forget what you said about loving the "me-time".

p.s. u enjoy serial dating different men right now because they are not exactly THE ONE.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Babe, yes, that's my point, I'll be 'the girlfriend' instead of 'the dater' once I meet the right man, however, I wish I meet him later as I want to keep what I"m having now.

I don't want to meet THE ONE now, can or not? Please pray for me THE ONE appears at the right time right place, right when I'm ready.

Anonymous said... 27 or 26 arr!!! remember what u told us at the mexican restaurant?

arboon! said...

just checked tracy's blog and realised u've asked me a question but it's kinda backdated to reply there so...

here's the answer : boon is good.


how r u?

Anonymous said...

Expiration dating, honeh!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Toothfairie, that's a good term.

June, I'm learning from SourNova - fickle mindedness!

Boon, I'm good. Shall I link you?