Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Shopping In Brisbane

No hard feelings but Queenslander can't really dress, sorry to say. Okay, not all Queenslander but majority that I've seen by far perhaps - here in Brisbane, back then in Cairns and Noosa. Mackay is the last chance in this year to prove me wrong, only if I am.

Contrary to popular believe, Brisbaner/Brisbane sider/Brisbane people don't dress in a lot of colour. In fact, they are in a lot of black and white. That maggie-hair thought that I was from Hawaii (???) just because I was in a floral dress. I was shopping on Queen Street Mall today and I got heaps of compliment for my loud-coloured-deer-print dress, and they could tell straight away that I was a visitor. I was more than happy with all the compliments of course.

I went shopping crazy here in Brisbane, I know this sound ridiculous but trust me, as oppose to how often I went shopping in Melbourne, I really had no time to do so. There are three things that me and Jo had observed.

First, retails here stock more garments for younger people, I am guessing their market is much younger than Sydney and Melbourne, e.g. Myer here doesn't have the Aussie/NZ designers but they stock heaps and heaps of local unknown brands for the younger population. Secondly, I think people here are much less shopping-crazy than the down-south us, e.g. I had to make the sales person at Sportsgirl to call up half of Melbourne just for a cobalt blue belt that I liked but I saw a whole bunch of it here in store. Lastly, we reckon girls here are very small, as in slim and nice. Must be the weather I suppose.

The girl from Lisa Ho called me when I was having lunch with Jo and Roy at the Riverside, to inform me of the dress that I wanted had arrived. Bad news is, as usual, they only have one piece in each size. I was panic-stricken as I knew I wouldn't even be able to have a look by the time I return to Melbourne. Thank god Phuong told Roy that there's an outlet in Winter Garden. Needless to say, I charged to the shop with eager, like a crazy shopper.

I've bought the dress. I'm happy!

Actually I am pretty impressed with Brisbane's shopping, well, it's nothing compared to Melbourne but... they actually have Lisa Ho, Wayne Cooper and Alannah Hill. Perchance there weren't expectation, hence I was thrilled.

In short, I've bought two dresses and a top from Myer, an evening gown and belt from Lisa Ho, another dress and a gorgeous cardigan from Country Road, and some small stuff from Witchery. One good thing about shopping here is that, there are more things left as people don't just grab everything in store and left nothing for me. Having said that, I'm going back to Country Road to buy a (few) different colour cardigan as it's really light, good for spring/summer, and most importantly, I know my size would've been sold out in Melbourne.

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