Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I personally think that yamcha is one of the many bests of Chinese cuisine, especially on Sundays. As I age, my body would naturally wakes herself up early after some binge drinking on the night before. Therefore I was up early on Sunday, called every single friends that I would love to share my dimsum with but to no avail, almost everyone was still sleeping.

By the time I managed to wake everyone up, my stomach was growling like the angriest tigeress. Finally, we were happily at Sung's Kitchen, extremely hungry. Because we were late and the kitchen was closing at three, we had to place our order quick, which resulted in something funny.

We ordered too much food! It was so much, we could literally fed 8-9 person when we had only 5. Even with Milyn (the eater) around, we just couldn't finish our food, and trust me, we had tried our very best. Kosta (Mi's man) who's a Greek, got a shock in his life when he looked at the food. Culturally, they do not eat like us. Until today, Jess and I would still burst out laughing whenever we think of Kosta's facial expression seeing the galore of dimsum. He was rubbing his forehead like one usually does when you have a headache, so it wasn't a good sign.

When I called on that Sunday...
"Milyn, wanna go yamcha", asked Lynn
(Mi asked Kosta "hey, you wanna go yamcha?"
K "who's that?"
Mi "Lynn."
K "yeah, I don't mind.")
"Okay, see you at Sung's." Milyn got back to me.

Next week if I call them to yam cha, at the back of the phone...
"hey, wanna go yamcha?" Milyn to Kosta
"who's that?" Kosta
"Lynn" Milyn
"No, thanks!" Kosta


Dear Kosta,

I know we've scared you appalingly with the way we ordered our food, and also the way we forced our food down. Please do understand that we don't usually order and eat our food in such manner. Let's go yamcha again and let me show you the real me.


p.s. Readers, yamcha at Sung's were bad but their dinner is really scrumptious, authentic Chinese cuisine. Highly recommended.


Anonymous said...

u got alot of food entries.
i feel full just reading ur posts..

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Then I can help all the fattie out there to lose weight! ^_~

Food plays one of the most important role in my life, of course I blog about food. And do you realize I've shopped much less?

Elizebeth D.L. said...

i love har gao~~~~~~~~~ yum yum:)

Anonymous said...

lynn: yakah?? good lar..

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Deisy, you won't believe it but those GREEN colour dumplings in the pictures are har kau. I love har kaus too!!!

Tracy, I went shopping today, >_<