Monday, October 23, 2006

First Night Out in Brissie

Roy took us to Sun Bar after dinner on the night we touched down. I was astounded by this particular green-pants woman with maggie-goreng-kosong hair (that's how Roy described it)

We were hanging out at the bar, coincidentally next to her and her friend. She checked me out for awhile before coming up to me, spoke really close to my face...

Maggie-hair: I like your shoes, where d'you get them?
Lynn: Robert Robert, you can get them at Myer but mine's been two years.
Maggie-hair: Your dress is very nice too... What d'you think of my pants? They are new, from Satch (or Versace I don't know but I don't think they are from either one of them)
Lynn: Oh they are gorgeous pants, you look good in them (okay I lied, big time. But what can I say??)

We talked for a bit before she actually asked her friend to take a picture of my shoes, with his phone's camera. Fine.

A while later, she came up to me again...

Maggie-hair: You know, I come out tonight, wearing my new outfit, thinking that I'll be the hottest woman in the bar, who knows I saw you, you're hotter than me.
Lynn: Oh thanks, I'm flattered.

WTF? Someone please just help her, or me.

Roy and Jo were already laughing at me, being picked up by some maggie-hair-green-pants woman, fucking hell. Steph then told me I should take a picture with her, so then I can blog about it. Therefore, I betrayed my heart and went up to her, pretending to be nice and ask for a picture together. Of course, she was more than happy to take a picture with me... BECAUSE SHE FUCKING TOUCHED MY BOOBS.At the same bar, there's this man who is not bad looking, to be fair, and was in suit. I checked him out from the top, down... and guess what I saw?UGLY SHOES!!!
Other than the super ugly shoes that didn't go with his face and suit, he was dancing not very appealingly to his Martini at the bar, alone.

So that was my first bar experience in Brisbane.

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Anonymous said...

i told u ppl in brissy dress up very load & busy... i don't think it's from satch. it looks more like versace...