Thursday, October 12, 2006

Spicy Szechuan

Went shopping today, to hunt for dresses for the weddings, errr... actually just anything will do. Okay I admit, the shopaholic in me wanted to come out and play but why not? I've been good for the longest time.

I have to say this Spring/Summer is so boring. Too much whitesssss, grays, nudes, army greens, browns, too earthy basically. Well, white is the new black for this Summer but hello, give me more colours! Of course, there are still florals and colours around, like Cactus Jam, Third Millennium and the minority of Wayne Cooper but there's not enough, I want more!

Was covering Flinders Lane, Collins St. and Little Collins this arvo, from luxe to less (okay, not much of a bargain at this area but that's also not what I'm looking for), nothing surprised me. Nothing made my heart stopped for that one second. Except for a dress, that I saw about a week ago on the display window. I bought it. To be honest, for the price I paid, I could've gotten some local designers' number with better quality. The finish of the dress wasn't bad at all but it wasn't fantastic either, however, the problem was I thought I looked good in the dress, muahahaha... It was a good fit and it's me. So I grabbed it -full stop-

Had dinner with the girls at this Szechuan place that serves ultra spicy dishes. It was great, I mean the spiciness (I'm such typical Malaysian, everything also must be spicy), but the taste was only so-so. It was a funny dinner, that made me laughed, choked, coughed, wanted to eat more, stuffed and indigestion.

The blonde who couldn't handle them at all was yelling and cursing through out dinner. The Pneumonia survivor who wasn't suppose to eat them was laughing at the blonde. The two of them shared most of the greens. I enjoyed my meal despite the chilli was working like the 'on' switch to my almost vanished coughing. Charm, who suggested the dinner, was of course pleased with the about-fifteen-dishes-for-nine-person dinner. The rest was doing quite well with one or two nibbling their food while vapor were released through their scalps. It was a funny dinner. Believe me, it was spicy and quite yummy.
Frankly speaking, I'm not looking forward to toilet time tomorrow...

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