Friday, October 27, 2006

Guilt Kills

I've made a mistake, a big mistake. It was so wrong that I couldn't forgive myself. My heart was aching, my tears were rolling. If I had a choice, I would do anything to get things undone. I wasn't thinking when I made that decision, it was my fault.

Thanks to Pat and Violet for their support. Most importantly, thanks to Eleana for speaking to me on the phone for a good two hours - the most comforting two hours I had in Mackay.

Eleana was right, since I can't turn back time, and I shouldn't, I should learn my lesson. Yes, I've learned my lesson, the expensive way. I felt terribly sorry for my folks, who are ever so understanding and forgiving.

I promise, this will be my first and the very last time, I promise...


Elizebeth D.L. said...

OK... I have been holding my curiosity for few days liao... what's the guilty thing u did?!


Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Deisy, I'm too embarrass to say. It's over so it doesn't matter.

Boon, hmmm what hmmm? >_<

Anonymous said...

chill, at least u learned ur lesson...:)

TheWriter2006 said...

If u consulted me first, i would've flown there for you!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Yeah Tracy, that's the bottom line.

Writer, aren't you happy that I'm back at least?