Monday, October 09, 2006

The Ex, The Confused

Had supper late dinner with one of my ex, The Confused - on Friday, the Mid-Autumn Festival dinner. He's one of my best ex-boyfriends who I can talk to, who takes care of me, who still support me financially when neccessary (shy to say). Also, he was the one who called me to remind me of the festival and took me out for dinner and mooncake. He's no where near a romantic but he's definitely a sweetie.

Half way through dinner I received a text message from the Health Advisor, which instantly lightened up my evening. I was elated, and The Confused was at the same time delighted to see that I was all happy with sparkling eyes.

The Confused was obviously proud of himself for creating that grin on my face by spending time with me, so he thought. He was contented to see the jovial Lynn. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy his company, he's one of the few person that I'll put them on top of my dinner-buddy priority list, however, he had long lost his privilege of putting me on cloud nine.

I'm a little guilty for letting my mind wander while having dinner with him. Then he popped the question, I was dumbstrucked. I started to wonder, am I the one who confused him, or is he trying to confused me by being confused himself?

He accompanied me to the club to meet my friends despite "exhaustion" was written all over his face. I know he cares for me, so do I. I totally appreciate that. I call myself lucky to have so many friends around who loves me from their bottom of the hearts.

I'm glad, I'm blessed.


Anonymous said...

holy god... i can't believe he popped the question. i can't say i know him very well but i'm really surpised...

really funny thou... he should have appreaciated his chances long long time ago... ooppsss... hehehe.


Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

But you and I should be glad that he threw away his chance right? Imagine I'm still with him, dinner every night at 10.30pm; he's all about work work and work; take me only to Chinese restaurant although he orders expensive food but I still like my foie gras and caviar!

I wasn't too surprise with his question but it was like "huh???" and then feel like hitting my head to the wall.

Without the break up, I won't be where I am today, won't be having so much fun today. He's my history, but my history makes me the person I am today, ^_~

Anonymous said...

ooo what question la?

it amazes me how blur some guys can be man. the confused does really sound confused.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Steph, you know what's the question already.

I guess the men are not blur but they are just trying their luck, hoping that we girls are just as confused and make the wrong decision.