Saturday, October 21, 2006

En route to Brissie

I’m now on board heading up to Brissie. I’ve been pretty occupied with things off late, both physically and mentally. Firstly, it’s the end of the semester, datelines are what I’ve to stick to (which I’m very bad at). Secondly, Steph is down from KL for holiday, although she’s an independent chick who does her own things, but having someone with you is somehow different. Lastly, I’ve officially claimed to be recovered from my illness(es), which means I had to go out and see my friends to celebrate over some drinks.

Let me recap what had happened for the past one week.

I got filthy drunk last Friday, it was truly unbelievable. I met up with June and company for drinks at Lanai on an empty stomach. Look, I was extremely busy and tired that day and I’ve actually forgotten about dinner. I know, that sounds stupid but it was true. After some more than adequate amount of whites and bubblies that gave me memory lost, I somehow ended in Bar Code’s toilet chucking my heart out, damn! I felt much relieved after throwing up and of course, I resumed to drink more when I got to Lavish.

Hell sent me some killer hangover on the day after but I always remember the teachings from God – the only way to avoid hangover is to stay drunk – and it never failed to help, only if you have the guts to try.

House music at Eve on Saturday night was great, needless for me to mention the good company, as always. Like history was repeating itself, I was awfully intoxicated. No throwing up this time but I did something terrible. It was a tragedy, and I was gravely traumatized. I am not regretting but I am embarrassed. Apart from the trauma, I’ve also made some funniest joke out of it, that I believe my girlfriends and me will remember for life, the 3P story.

Well, I guess everyone is allowed to make mistake. I made mine, I was traumatized, I have no regrets, I am still laughing now thinking of the 3P story. Good thing is that I’ve learned this time – I turned my back to temptations last night. As for now, I don’t think I’m ready to see Mr. TQ.

On a happier note, I got a new Bally tote during my short stint in Sydney. It was a discounted one but heck, it’s a great bag in olive. Olive is the new army, just like white is the new black, for this season. I’m glad that I made it to Sydney, though it was for less than two days. That’s our pact between me and my best friends, when we need each other, we’ll be there if circumstances allow.

Thirteen months ago, I broke up with my then love-of-my-life, Mr. Personality-less. I was devastated, I thought it was the end of the world. If I was to collect my tears in a pot, they could be enough for some chicken soup. My best friends were concerned, their heart went out for me. Within a week, Eleana flew in from KL and Jo flew in from Sydney, to see me, to spend time with me – they were my rescue team.

I don’t know how many people on earth would do things like those for their friends; all I know is that I’ve at least two who would do such things for me. Now you understand why I say I’m lucky? Most importantly, I know for fact that it means a lot especially to someone who’s in need of some emotional support.

Air tickets – AUD233
Parking – AUD74
Expenses – AUD200
To know that your friend is back on her feet – PRICELESS!

Time to shut my Baby, touching down in thirty minutes. Gonna do some cards reading – my new addiction thanks to Violet. Will post this up when I get my broadband connection at the hotel.


Anonymous said...

babe. may that be the first and last mr tq in your life! kekeke.

i am at the airport, only just made it. flight leaves in 10 minutes.

i cannot believe i am doing this. am so afraid of the consequences.

love u to bits. u are so random.

u consider urself lucky to have friends like that. but its actually the other way around. we're lucky to have friends like u!

lunch tmrw on me before we all leave and i head back to reality. i get in at noon-ish. muaks.

Anonymous said...

wei sui poh, i would too i, as u said, circumstances allowed.

Anonymous said...

wei sui poh, i would too if, as u said, circumstances allowed.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Steph, I was once told 'it's better to do and regret than to not do and regret'

Tracy, start saving now, things happen when we least expect *touch wood*

Anonymous said...

tracy, ya, come with me in dec!!

Anonymous said...

lynn: im tryinggggggggggggg

steph: whoa u're going again? ahah geng...hopefully i can save enough by then..