Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gym & Yoga

It was very true when the girls taught me that, it is better to do it and regret than to not do it and regret. Am regretting now for not speaking with this hottie from my class at the cafeteria. Look, I've planned to attend yoga after class and I came to uni in baby-t, jeans, ballerina flats, bad hair, plain face with attention seeking dark eyes circle due to the lack of sleep this morning. I wasn't "in the condition" to speak to anyone. So we were both in the cafeteria, he turned and wanted to say hello before I got panicked and grabbed my phone and ran for life. Called anyone I could think of just to be on the phone and avoided communication with him. He left within a few minutes. Now I'm regretting. I could've spoken to him and we could be good friends and start hanging out, aarrrgghh!

I've been trying to live rather healthily of late. Last week, I was at the gym on Tuesday and yoga on Thursday. This week, I was at the gym yesterday and yoga in an hour's time. Not the best of fitness but at least I'm trying, right? The nearer it is to our NZ ski trip, the more nervous I'm feeling. You don't understand how unfit I am. I pant after walking up a flight of stairs, or after two blocks. It is not at all normal for people my age. I don't need to lose weight from all these work out but I don't mind getting a toned body of course. My ultimate goal for this new adopted lifestyle is to build my stamina. It's good that I can run for my life when I get chased by psycho with a knife; or swim towards the shore when the boat turns over. Or at least, able to get up to my floor when the lift doesn't work! Stamina is an urban survival tool these days, it's a need not a want.

Tonight's yoga is going to be very fun as Violet and Mun are joining me. I've never done bikram yoga with friends before. Hopefully, fingers crossed, that we will do this every Tuesday together. And more importantly, I'll stick to my fitness routine for a long long time even after the ski season. I want to be healthy and have a hot body!


su-ann said...

With all the birthday weekends and being in KL in general, it's almost impossible to lead a 'healthy' lifestyle. That's my excuse for plain laziness. ;p

Oo.. have fun on your trip! But you'll be around Melb for Spring Carnival right? I'll be there for 2wks :)

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Babe, I've been living the unhealthy life for the past 26 years and am trying to make a difference now but... I'm just wondering how long this will last. I should be back for spring carnival. Which races are you going? Let's go together!

su-ann said...

Yay! Oo.. Def. Cup day and I'll get the list of races I'm goin for and let you know! I'm already shopping around for pimpin' frocks hehehe

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

I guess I'll definitely be at Derby Day. I won't have money to shop so I'll just have to wear some old frocks that are so unattractive, >_<