Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Undies Overload

For those of you out there who have to do your own laundry, I'm sure you understand the simple logic of separating your coloured and whites; the delicate and the whatever. So I was picking my delicate a.k.a. hand-wash-only pieces out of the laundry basket and left whatever unrelated behind. I then saw a huge multi-coloured pile of underwear at the bottom of the basket. These lighter pieces had obviously fell to the bottom everytime when I digged out the bigger pieces to wash.

I stared at them and went, "holy cow, that's darn a lot of undies I have!" These are the worn ones I'm talking about. There are still heaps in my drawer that can at least last me for another week or so (and at least 2 for day). So I started my mental calculation on the number of undies I approximately have in Melbourne home.

A x Y + K = X

I've about 80 pieces!

I used to run out of them when I didn't do my laundry for slightly more than 2 weeks. Say that's 17 days x 2 a day, that's 34. I've gotten two dozens from VS online before and another two dozens from CK in the States so that's 48 + 34 = 82. Sheesh... if my mum knows, she's going to yell at me asking me to give her reasons why one needs so many underwear. Plain laziness. So I don't have to force myself to do the laundry when I run out of them.

I was telling Candyman about the figure over the phone and he was wordless. Then he asked if they are all in good condition. I said I can wear any of them in front of a boy. In fact, both of us do the same test for our undies - Do I feel comfortable wearing these in front of a girl/guy, in terms of its design and age? I always replace the ones that couldn't pass the test with new ones almost right away so I can do my laundry only when I feel like.

Things that one will do/buy in the name of procrastination.


Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

What is kaput? Broken? He is lazy to do laundry as well?

su-ann said...

Babe.. I totally hear where you're coming from. Was in OZ for mid-yr sales, went insane and literally bought the entire Pleasure State collection from Myers when I'd already splurged on VS's sale.

I'm too lazy to count but I know it's certainly around your number too ;p By the way, Tocca's delicates detergent is divine, just did my handwashing just now!

Anonymous said...

i think i might have more than u...lol!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

omg i think i have just discovered a new species!!?? i dont think i even have that number of clothing!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Su-ann, I'm too lazy, I dump my handwash pieces into the washer. I just wash, rinse and drain but not spin them. Then, I hang dry them. That's my version of handwash for you. Can't be f*cked.

Steph, and you don't have to do your own laundry? :(

Joe, you'll be surprise how many of us belong to this species, :)

Elizebeth D.L. said...

hahaha.... junie, my hubby also have more than mine! can't believe it.

drawer also kaput. we share the same fate.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* talking about having to wash your underwears.. I just washed a tonne! I need to stock up more so I don't have to do it as often lol..problem is I only wear them in sets so I can't just choose one from the rack and wear it on its own...