Saturday, July 07, 2007


It is a sweet 7degree on 070707. June reckoned I should be blogging in my Seven for All Mankind Jeans and party at Seven tonight. I'm down with the flu after running around in the city under the rain for half of the day yesterday. As old skool as I can be, I'm making some chinese medicine that I've gotten from the traditional chinese doctor that I went to, the one that I have been seeing for my bad ankle.

Congratulations to Grace and Roy on their big day! Ceremony will be on new year's day I heard. Roy had promised to fly me back for his ceremony, sweet! Not sure if I should take the offer, we shall see.

So a few of my ex-boyfriends are settling down. Darlie Star is apparently tying the knot in December and Mr Personality-less is living a happy and peaceful life with his just-a-matter-of-time wife. Like some friends of mine would say "after dating the girlfriend-from-hell (a.k.a. Lynn), it is too easy for them to settle for the next woman who in no way can be worse". But I still believe my ex-boyfriends were lucky to have had me.

Most of the rest of my past are still hanging around the market. Some had broken up; some are still looking; and some are still enjoying the scene. There are also a couple of my past (note: not necessarily have to be my ex-boyfriend) that I wish to know what's going on with them. Say the Health Advisor, I can't help but wonder if there is another woman in his arms, or does he still think of me sometimes? I do.

There are some that I solemnly wish that they will find their other half soon. They are good boys and they deserve someone who is better than me, at least a girlfriend-from-earth. I, however, believe that I've done them good and I'm not giving a damn what others have to say. I've made them a more patient person, improved their fashion sense, let them had a taste of pain, and trained them to be a boyfriend that hit the credit line. I re-packaged them and prepared them for another woman, what can you say?


su-ann said...

Oh hunny, think of it as you've done a Public Service :) I do!!

Get well soon babe xox

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Haha... am sure we've done heaps!

Coughing my lungs out and I've just gotten back from drinking. Serves me right!