Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday at Charm's

I am a loser. I woke up at almost 6 in the evening merely because I was hungry. I could've still been sleeping otherwise. So I thought I was going for yoga tonight but it's VioLynn night and we thought we should have some drinks. As I was having my breakfast with half opened eyes, Charm called to tell me that she was cooking dinner, yum! I heart home-cooking! My eyes were still half opened when I got here. Trust me, it wasn't easy at all to finish up that 2000 words although I've done it once. I had no f*cking idea where I've found those references, I was almost in tears this morning, like how come I was so smart and now I'm too dumb to find them?

This house is bad. For some strange reason, people can't stop eating here. Especially when two Queen of Junk Food get together - Minh and Lynn. If my apartment is the House of Junk Food, this place is the Kingdom of Junk Food. No one understood when we discussed about what's good and what's not, it's the jargon of junk. I'm so stuffed, I'm gonna blow up and all the dinner, snacks and vodka would splat all over the living room.

Looks like I won't be doing anything tonight, school or work. Opss... but I promise to work doubly hard tomorrow. I've sent an email interview to this person who hasn't gotten back to me. It frustrates me. Personally, I think it's rude to not return calls, reply to text messages/emails. Seriously, it's rude, not about the interview but in a daily basis. Like when I get a call that I really don't want to answer, I would at least send a text and make up an excuse, like I couldn't pick up calls, I'm in class or something. I absolutely understand that not everyone functions like I do but I still get agitated when I don't get a reply for my texts.

While the other four are playing Big2 at the dining area, I'm hiding at the corner now blogging, to keep myself away from temptations - food. Violet should be here in 30 minutes and if it wasn't because of her, I would've gone home to sleep more. Shite, I just heard Charm saying "I'm making food", WTF?!

Ops... by the way, I'm officially addicted to Facebook! People, get on and play with me!

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