Friday, July 27, 2007

Confession of a Fromage Addict

I've finally made it to hot yoga, yay!!! You might think it's not at all hard to make it for that 90 minutes class but it was very hard for me. It took a lot of determination and I've given up two opportunities to have my evening drinks with friends. And let me tell you, these after work drinks are the happiest moments for me, sometimes better than the weekends. So I said no to Reza & co for drinks and dinner on Tuesday but there wasn't a class at 7.45pm so I went to the gym. Tonight I said no to the girls for drinks, I ran then drove like a mad woman to catch the 7.45pm class in Prahran. I made it, I made it, I made it!

Say what you want but I'm still gonna be proud of this little achievement.

I've recently fallen into a new addiction - cheese. It's been a month or so that I have this constant craving for cheese. I've almost totally stopped ordering dessert after dinner and let the cheese platter takes over its place. Sometimes my craving gets really bad. There was one evening when I was out with the LAMB posse. We had drinks and asian tapas for dinner at Golden Monkey. The food didn't satisfy me and I wanted some cheese. They didn't serve cheese and the boys offered to pay and asked them to get it from next door but they couldn't do it. I frowned. So three men had to leave the place and took the craving woman to search for cheese. We ended up at The Toff and I finished the whole cheese board by myself.There was another time where I finished half a cheese platter in the cinema right before dinner and have another one with friends at, also The Toff after dinner. Tonight, after a three course late dinner with Milyn, I came home and finished half a block of the brie I've gotten from Coles out of desperation. What's the point of all these yoga and gym?

Sheesh... I'm a pig who eats cheese. Do you know that too much dairy is bad for skin? Don't ask how that works, go google it. That's what I was told by my naturopath and I do believe because my skin got so much better after I've switched to soy products. It could be other reasons but my skin is really getting worse of late. So I'm telling myself, this will be the last piece. If I could kick away the chocolates, am sure I'm strong enough to kick away the cheese this time.

Out of sight, out of mind. Don't let me see, smell or hear of che*se from next week onwards. That means I still have this weekend to get cheesy, whee...

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