Wednesday, August 01, 2007

1st August

My emotional fever is slowly going away while I could be coming down with a flu. Absolutely not what I need at this time. I'm going to be real busy till the end of the month, no joke. So I've been popping heaps of vitamin C and drinking heaps of water, hope it helps. I know those wine that I had this evening was not doing me any good but it's VioLynn night!

I've three virtual pets now - two rabbits, namely Dumpling and Brie, on Facebook and a Nintendog, also named Dumpling. Brie is a real fighter let me tell you. Although they are all my kids yet I can't help but to favour one more than the others. Brie is my favourite! I am on the verge of disowning Dumpling the Dog as he's really naughty and patience isn't my virtue.

I've finished my last 2000 words this morning, hooray! I still have a strong feeling that I'm going to fail though because of what my lecturer had told me. I've been with her for 3 semester and she had never said such thing so, I'm not positive. Never underestimate a female's instinct. Submitted it in the morning without sleep and came home to play with my pets. Virtual pets are for people with no life, I know. I cannot believe myself either but say what you want, I'm currently very much into them. Slept for a couple of hours before meeting up with the girls for coffee-turned-wine session. Just what I needed to celebrate the end of pain and the beginning of more challenge.

I should stop rambling and hit the sack. Yoga tomorrow morning if I can get up on time. I really want to go you know?


Anonymous said...

Hello Lynn,

I discovered your blog sometime last month. And ALSO discovered that we went to the same highschool before! Yeah, that was like yonks ago (we're old alrite, ha ha) but yeah, I recognized you ;)

And hey, I enjoy reading your blog. Enjoyable at its best, bimboistically intelligent (oxymoron i know, haha) and most importantly, very real.

Keep it up!

Note: Guess how shocked I was when you did that DS Lite post? VERY. A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about wanting to get one just so I could play CookingMama *hehe*

Elizebeth D.L. said...

Lynn, what's the virtual pet all about?? Tell me more.

I guess I am a bit out-dated with all these gadget..

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Angie, really glad to have heard from you. Did we go to the same class? We're just older, not old, :p Honestly, Cooking Mama is a little dumb, won't get you hooked for long.

Deisy, my virtual pets are on and on Nintendo DS Lite. Are you interested?

Elizebeth D.L. said...

yah... show me? You seem very contented with virtual pet.

I want a dog.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Deisy, no contented anymore. Can't be f*cked with them. They are only fun when you're in good mood. Now that my mind is pre-occupied with personal problems, work, and school, I don't even wanna look at them.