Saturday, July 14, 2007


I am done and it's worth a big celebration as I've finished them 12 hours before my scheduled time. This morning I stayed up till nine sticking my nose to Gourmet Traveller and played the Tetris on my phone. I really am the queen of time-killer.

Oh my, this feeling is f*cking incredible. I'm so glad that I've wrapped things up before the arrival of more shit and responsibilites. It was always hard to get started, then your engine gets on its full force once you've keep it started. And everytime when I've finished a piece, this same line runs in my head "f*cking hell, it wasn't that hard, why didn't I do it earlier, damn!"

Easy to say but not easy to do, especially when I'm one who can get distracted by just the slightest temptation.

So I've got plans for myself...
1) Clean up my apartment, this place that I'm breathing and eating in is in a state of horror. I guess I need a good 6 hours to bring the pristine old pad back.
2) Sort out my bills and fines. Eleana called me on Wednesday so I told her that I'll call her back as we usually take turns to call each other. I picked up my cordless and made the call but realized my phone line was suspended, I've forgotten to pay my bill, pffftt! My place's too messy for me to even locate the bill.
3) Send my car in for the long overdue service before my warranty ends. That is in less than 3 weeks so I need to scribble some huge arse reminders and stick around my house. I loathe car service because they always want me to get the car in before 8am which I think it is freaking ridiculous. I've never been on time anyway.
4) Go out more in the day. My head gets clogged up hiding at home trying to write. It's bad for me. Sometimes my mind's so f*cked I can't even get a sentence straight, let alone coming up with fresh ideas. In other words I should...
5) Sleep earlier, start earlier, eat more and drink more.
6) If it is at all possible, I want to stick to my new weekend pattern - out Friday, in Saturday (in reversible order). Preferably have a before-noon start on Sunday to enjoy my favourite yamcha or brekkie and catch up with "normal" friends who don't get hangovers on Sundays.
7) Attend classes and be strict to myself with deadlines. I realized I am not incapable - I could always do it for work but for school, hm... I've to learn to be responsible for myself and not for others only.
8) I must start my yoga this. There's less than a month left before my ski trip and I'll be extremely sorry for myself if I don't prepare my body for it now. Be nice and start asking if I've been to yoga everytime you speak to me. That might make me feel embarrassed of my unfit body and act on it.
9) Sell my clothes online. I've a serious problem with my wardrobe and I've passed a HUGE bag of clothes to Pat to help me sell on e-Bay some time ago. That woman's on holiday and obviously that bag is still collecting dust at her place so I shall do my part and post up what I have with me. I hate writing the descriptions though. Anyone wants to help me on selling them? You can get some commission out of the total sales.
10) Make my appointment for the IPL laser hair removal. I've been wanting to do it for a year now but all I've achieved is wasting a year's time. If they're open now, I would've called to make an appointment. Well...

Phew... this list sounds like some new year's resolution. You've no idea how good I feel right now with everything done. Fingers crossed I don't have to whinge later when I fail any. Please please please, I've learnt my lesson and everyone deserves a chance. Pass me and I'll prove to you that I'm a good student.

whee... time to celebrate!


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

congrats on ur long list of achievement!

Kimberly said...

eh. Tell me more about the laser hair removal. I wanna know. have been interested since forever, but have irrational fears of ketiak cancer, so on and so forth.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Thanks, Joe. But the long list of achievement lead me to a huge list of failure last week though.

Kim, I've not done it yet. Will be going next month. You can wax/tweeze for a month before your treatment. Will let you know after I've done it, can't wait!