Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Shock from the Past

I'm officially pissed off with you girlies who frequent my multiply for the past 8 months. And I had a shock of my week when I viewed my profile.

Why is picture of Mr-Stingy-King and me still up as main picture? Darn... I had totally forgotten about it and if Mr. SK could be stingy on me, picture space are not granted for him in return (that's a sure thing, right?).

I was stunned. Just like a couple of months ago when I got my Myer One membership card in my mailbox. Two cards in there, Lynn Lum and Stingy S. Stunned in a possitive way: I'd almost forgot this person was the most significant one in my life, I've abso-fucking-lutely gotten over him and chuckled over how silly I was during 'the break-up'.

-=It's history, it's closure=-

By the way, I can't freaking put up pictures for my profile, Lame dummy blogging again, sigh...

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