Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I have realized that...

it's taxing to pretend.
others get jealous when you're happy.
it's hurtful to be accused.
it's painful to be misunderstood.
I know what I want sometimes.
I've not been concentrating on a lot of things in life.
I've neglected lotsa things while trying to be 'focus'.
there are many who believe in the rumours.
result doesn't equal to satisfaction.
I could achieve something from nothing.
my heart aches when I'm sad.
I can live on hot chocolate for the whole day.
I won't die without solid food for three days.
I get out of control when I'm excited.
I could actually write not too badly.
I've been thinking too much at times... yet not enough at most of the other times.
it really matters to me.
I do care.
there are a lot of people who cares for me.
I'm such a lucky girl.
salads are yummy.
I procrastinate to change my habit of procrastinating.
I've not much money left in my bank to keep me alive.
there are people who are unwilling to befriend with me because they feel intimidated.
health is still my first priority.
I can't say no to temptations.
music refreshes your memories of the past.
I can't columnize emotion and sex.
I need to lose weight.
my family is important.
my friends are always there for me, very unexpected yet highly appreciated.
I can be giving and giving though not receiving.
I can also be receiving and receiving but not knowing how to give.
promises don't mean anything anymore.
I sometimes live in denial.
Denials leave me in pain.
I have to act and be tough as that's my only choice left.

I should end these shit and go to bed.

Tomorrow will be a better day, I know. Am sure. I know...

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