Friday, June 23, 2006

Value Meal

Six Feet Under is such a depressing drama that I can't pull myself away from. Almost every character on set are depressed in a way or another. Someone has to die at the beginning of every episode (that's pretty obvious). There's not yet a scene that will give me a laugh (smile, yes); the only time I chuckle is when they fight, with the excessive use of the f word (not often you'll come across TV drama that uses that much of the f*ck).

I teared over lunch while watching it on DVD. Nate is about to go through a major-high-risk-surgery and David was helping him to write his pre-need. (yes, I'm slow, I'm still stucked with the second season but heck, with the amount of readings and outings I have, it's a luxury to "go Six Feet Under".

How sad is that? It is very sad, but I love it. I'm no where near being a sadist, it's just a good show, it is...

I'm suppose to be out hunting down my so-hard-to-impress-me boots and suppose-to-be-easy-to-find black jacket, before meeting up with Pat and Keat for 'their' after work drinks (hiaks... I'm the only one not working among the whole group). I'm feeling lethargic. Fat. Stuffed. Nothing to wear.

Gav L called me up to ask for food suggestion. I get wary on giving suggestion, both food and price wise. I don't wanna be cursed for the next 30-days for their problems of not liking where I've suggested.

Well look, there was this occasion where I was trying to help I-don't-wanna-mention-who to arrange a business dinner with his business associate from NZ. I chose Man Mo as it's my regular place which is also my friend's (means better service + know what they are doing + specials from chef + presentable environment). He was appreciative for my arrangement, he goes "food was fantastic but I wouldn't pay that price for that", and claimed that I've expensive taste.

What??? You came to me for help and I provided mine. I was trying to help you to impress. Yes, I have expensive taste and you being my friend you should freaking know from day one. If you are to come to me to ask for advise with the "oh, they are my important client", I am out to make good arrangements. And for your information, I do eat my AUD5.50 Don Don Teriyaki Beef Rice.

I have high expectations on food but it is money-irrelavant! It's the quality of food not the value, I repeat. I do eat cheap food, but they have to be good.

And I got carped since my birthday for the "pricey" dinner at Taxi Dining Room. Hey, did I force you to come? You are the one who insisted on celebrating with me; you're the one who picked on the AUD160 bottle of wine that tasted like shit!

You know what, all my other 10 friends and myself thought Taxi was a good choice. Food was excellent, service was impeccable, wine was fabulous except for the bottle you chose. I know you enjoyed the dinner... till you catch sight of the figures on the cheque in disbelief, am I right??

Phew... this is such a good place for rage-venting. I'm done. I'm finally feeling vigorous again. Time to get changed and go get some retail therapy.

I'd be more than happy to give opinions on restaurants but first you'll have to tell me how much you're willing to spend, I do know where to get cheap meals, f.y.i


Unknown said...

hey's hard to please everyone...
let me know where u can find nice black jacket that can be worn for all occasion... today i had my i-don't-have-anything-to-wear-to-work syndrome again...i need a peacoat...desperately!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

I need a black peacoat too! I went for Nicola Finetti's sales but didn't get anything and ended up buying some dresses and tops at Kookai. Didn't even get to look at jackets and boots, off focus again.

Unknown said... have to set ur mind to da PEACOAT!...
i don't have the time to look at any over this hoo...hopefully next week...

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Late night shopping tonight, you could have go! I'm still sleepy, no energy to peacoat boots peacoat boots today. We'll see who gets to hunt down a black jacket/peacoat first!