Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Cup Makes Me Fat

My sleeping time is all screwed up. I am just gonna blame it on the World Cup. It’s not that I’ve been sleeping at the “normal” hours all these while, but when there’s something for you to blame on, why not? Therefore, I blame on WC for my binge snacking/supper-ing; I blame on WC for my dark circles; I blame on WC for not studying before exam; I blame on WC for I’ve not been cleaning up my apartment as I would usually do; I blame on WC for…

Melbourne city was crazy last night. I went out to buy Souvlaki and to get some onde-onde from Di (see? WC’s the culprit) during Japan-Croatia half time, and it was people everywhere. You rarely would see the existence of the terms Melbourne, crowded, and Sunday night in one phrase, but base on what I’ve witnessed, the impossible turns possible.

Federation Square was conquered by the Socceroo’s supporters. Okay, it was broadcasted on TV, yes, I was watching the match alone at home. SP and Jess asked me to watch with them at Crown, I didn’t want to (again, I chose to stay in). The excitement was palpable just to see the crowd at Fed Sq and at Circular Quay. Damn… I should be watching with them (too late, girl); they stayed in to watch too (“no point fighting for space and fresh air”, they said); “why not you girls come over to watch with me and I’ve booze at home” “lazy, it’s cold, car’s parked far away”…

Funny facts from SBS – coffee was selling like hotcakes at Fed Sq last night as compared to the usual best buddy of soccer, the Beer. How come??? It was freezing outside, 3 degree Celsius in Melb, slightly warmer in Syd. Trust me, it’s not cold, usually it’s colder but no complains, I luurrve the cold, and in case you haven’t been told, Lynn loves gloomy days, as well as rainy days.

In love with gloomy days + rainy seasons + hate the heat + do not favour the sun = pessimist + introvert? Not true. I’m such an optimist and an extrovert (most of the time), and apparently, according to the ever-famous Myers-Briggs personality test, I’m an extraversion-sensing-feeling-perceiving.

Hear that? I perceive, I don’t judge. Who am I to judge? Yes, I do bitch about other people, I do pass on comments on certain things, but I don’t judge. I do not expect everyone around me to live life like how I prefer to (so don’t expect me to live up to your expectations). I respect individualism; variety makes up a society - how mundane can life be when everything’s homogeneous? There’s nothing to gossip/bitch/cheer about. I hate being judged; I don’t care even if you do, you’ve just failed to land under my “friends” box in my heart, but it’s okay, you’ll still get to go in to the “don’t bother” box, you’ll be remembered (variable expiry dates applied). I appreciate my chums here who knows so much about me, my stories full of twists-and-turns (TVB drama, as suggested by Eileen), my bitch-possessed times or even bimbo moments, thanks for not judging me. The supports + advises + motivations I received from you guys – PRICELESS!

Back to Socceroos.
Am very proud of them, they played very well, no doubt about their ability. Although they didn’t score last night, but I dare to say they have won the supports of many football fans. I am no football aficionada, but I enjoy watching them. I am not one who would turn-down-other more-interesting-plans-to-watch-the-match type, but I’m the stay-up-all-night-to-catch-the-game-if-I-happen-to-be-free type.

I didn’t watch the Korea-France match, my body won’t forgive me if I didn’t hit the sack before 6am (alright, alright, I did watch a little of the K-F match!). I was woken up by the buzzer as I’ve got an inspection by my agent this morning. She came in for less than a minute, without inspecting anything in fact, and left. I know she’s just performing her duty but what about me? I needed my beauty sleep. I tried going back to sleep but I can’t. Darn! Ended up in the kitchen again, making Chicken Parmigiana (yummy!) from scratch, taught by Violet’s mum, the nun. Chomped down 2 big pieces of schnitzel with parmigiana sauce and extra mozzarella while speaking (enhanced with a little gossips) to June [your real name probably sounds better than the initial, you reckon?] over the phone.

Am so sleepy, so lazy, but had still decided to blog this before my nap. Dinner is sorted out (as usual, I made way too many pieces of schnitzel – buying a bigger fridge was the right choice afterall).

p.s. Di’s onde-onde was yummy!


Unknown said...

where is Di's onde onde? and what's onde onde..sounds like a malaysian desert...or not...hahaha...I'm so dumb...duh

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

yes, clever! onde-onde is the green balls with shreded coconut on the outside, brown sugar filling Malaysian dessert. Di's my friend Diana who's also from Malaysia, she made it herself at home.

Anonymous said...

am soooooo bored at work

you are an ESFP and i am ISFP and our relationship type falls under "Pal"

Pal: Work and play well together: minimal natural type conflict