Monday, June 19, 2006

Bugs Come, Bugs Go

I’m one who so deserves some smacking! Before my semester ends (I mean before my exam and the piled up assignments submission), where I was suppose to be a good girl and get things done, I could never get my fat ass to sit still and produce anything; as if there were some scary bugs on my couch that I have to move around to guard myself from being stung.

Solutions to the bugs -

i) constantly moving around in my tiny apartment, with the high probability of ending up in my mini kitchen, cooking up (did I use the word cook?) something though my previous meal are still napping (yes, I’ve always have digestion problem) in my stomach, which always leads to an over-stuffed Lynn and a fridge full of left over, hmm…

ii) sending out texts that I can type them out so quickly, “want a quick drink?”, that I can almost type it with my eyes shut; that I would be quicker to type them than to retrieve it from my templates (like I would be bothered to save them).

iii) in response to solution ii, I’d be hopping in for a comforting quick hot shower, quickly (trust me when I say I can be quick) get dressed and put on some paints (main point is to cover my dark circles), again quickly choose my bags, shoes, accessories… get in to the city in my red-rocket (nick given by my neighbour) to meet up with my drink buddies (singular at times) and sink in to some juicy updates/gossips over a couple of drinks. Usually a drink would end up in a few glasses of whites/Caiporoskas/Amaretos/Martinis and SP would have no choice but to have more than a big bottle of Melbourne Bitter. Well, it’s unfair to put the blame on me alone; I grew up in a collective society where group work is highly regarded. It takes two hands to clap, two minds to exchange thoughts, and gossips. You see my point?

iv) flipping those tabloids and fashion magazines that I promised myself not to buy anymore as they are the source of evil temptations for me to hit GPO or Albert Coates Lane or Chapel St. or… any of the shopping malls basically. Besides, they are a waste of money: I can have more whites if I buy less of them (don’t get me wrong, am not a lush). To contradict myself further, I’ve in fact subscribed to STYD and Madison for a whole 12 months (hey, it saves a lot than to buy them off the shelves).

v) spending quality (yeah right!) time with my Baby (my Powerbook), straying aimlessly in the virtual world, catching up with my mates that are miles away from me yet it’s only a click away, thanks to technologies development. Oh yeah, I do sit still during this time except for the occasional pee and water+snack break). I here announce that my Baby is my amulet against the bugs.

There are other solutions to protect myself from the make-believe bugs, but those mentioned above are the most effective methods, with no animal testing hitherto.

Now, my imaginary bugs are gone for their winter holiday, good for them. Oil is expensive; can the bugs afford a holiday? Oh yes of course, fully sponsored by ms. ll (lazy Lynn). I’ve finished my exams, I’m done with my assignments (for this semester), and I need no more bugs to blame on. It’s my holiday. Winter holiday. Four weeks. Not enough? Better than none. I can go out as much as I want; sleep for more than 12 hours a day; spend my hours watching DVDs with my oodles of food and junk; write long emails just for the sake of keeping my friends updated; doing all of these, GUILT-FREE. How nice is this? Purrrfect!

Saturday was yesterday. First Saturday night after my paper was 10 hours ago. I stayed in. There are friends that wanted me to join them at Boulevard but I opt out. What’s wrong with me? Didn’t I always wanna go out? Wasn’t I the one who always comes up with suggestion of where to go?

I had a good Saturday night with my pot of tea; my yummy fried rice from the fridge; my tom yam soup with oyster mushrooms, all kinds of fish/meat balls, golden mushroom and extra hot chili-powder; straying online; watching my DVDs; drive out at 2.30am to buy more food and bubble tea. Who says Lynn can’t stay home for even a weekend? I’ve proved you wrong – for you, the one who made that statement, take your words back. I stayed in because I felt like it. I felt comfortable being home alone. I love it.

For those who are still feeling clueless about these raves and rants, chill. More entries are to come. Special thanks to June, who had inspired me last night to share my thoughts (and life, maybe) with my friends. Now when I get mails asking me to give them updates, I can briefly say -

“Go to to check it out, I’m running late, no shoes to match, friends waiting for me already, shit… can’t find house keys!”

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Unknown said...

Lazy Lynn...welcome to the bloging world!
I'm watching the match at the same time reading ur blog. "Terra" leh...
Sorry that i have to delete the first comment...grammer error...ha! what to do, I only had 1.5 hrs of sleep only...
Go Socceroos!!!