Thursday, May 21, 2009

eyes wide shut

I'm insomniac. It's been three weeks. Regardless of how tired I was from the day, I just couldn't sleep when I'm in bed. Then I've to get up early the following day to work, to run errands or I just couldn't sleep for long. I was feeling a little flu-ish last night, so I went to bed at midnight, but I couldn't sleep till 5am. Another 5am!!! Got up at 8am, rode Pinko to work, rode Pinko to get a cutesy bubblegum pink bell with dinosaur picture, rode Pinko to do my waxing, and rode Pinko home. I'm exhausted, physically and mentally. I need sleep, I need good, long, deep, undisturbed sleep!

I'm waiting for my hair to dry and I'm hitting the sack. I've got this feeling that maybe... tonight I can sleep!


kaiqing said...

sweet dreams...and you too, Pinko :)

Elizebeth D.L. said...

Try drinking the chinese Pu Er tea (普尔茶)before sleep it helps. But need to get the good quality one.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Hushbabbie, I did sleep well that night, how great is that?

Deisy, I don't know where to get good quality Pu Er cha in Melbourne, maybe I'll get some from KL next time I go home. Thanks for the tips, ;)