Thursday, May 07, 2009

Pinko likes the cold too

It's been cold since my birthday weekend, it's awesome. I absolutely love it. I still believe we'll get a few warm days before winter arrives, let's see. Looking at my wardrobe today, realized I don't have much clothes for riding when it gets colder. I'm not gonna be in bicycle tights, sorry. I'm talking about chic comfortable outfit that will keep me warm and allows me to cycle comfortably. Skinny jeans at the moment is a 'no' because I'm a whale, the back of my jeans seems to be dropping when I cycle; wide-leg pants is a 'no' because I'm worry that it'll get stuck on the paddle; long dress - 'no' at the moment because it's too freaking cold. So I'm left with just a few options and that makes me wanna go shopping for clothes. I've no $$$ though, sigh... had to transfer some from saving account yesterday, I'm dying soon.

Pinko and I ventured out of my neighbourhood today. The very ambitious me wanted to ride to South Yarra to submit some documents to my work place. I wasn't sure if Kings Way is cyclist friendly, so I decided to go through the city. See, I actually planned my route. So I was all dressed and set to go, and came home after doing two blocks in the city. The cars were freaking me out! They were left, right, front, back - every where! Man... Especially Collin Street, it was so narrow and I had no idea how to share lanes with cars, let alone sharing them with big vehicles like trucks! I was too scared, crossed the road and home I headed, pfffttt... what a loser?!

I guess there are two things I need to do before I can venture out of my neighbourhood. First - learn how to share lanes with vehicles. Second - build legs muscle to take me up the slopes on my single-gear Pinko! Riding a bicycle is great though, very relaxing and refreshing, take me to places that I've never been on foot or in car. Have I mentioned before that I suck big time at ball sports? I can't even play the badminton. In high school, I spent a month learning squash. At the end of the four weeks, I couldn't even serve! That's how bad I am, however, I can do solo sports. I like skiing, swimming, cycling, bowling and I was a rhythmic gymnast when I was young. I like anti-social sports, those that I can do by myself and not have interaction with others, and most importantly where there's no balls flying towards my direction.

It's gonna be cold and windy every day until next Thursday, says Bureau of Meteorology. So exciting! Gonna try to sleep early tonight so I can do a few rounds before going bike shopping with Sasa tomorrow. Nite, peeps!

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