Wednesday, July 01, 2009

an afternoon with Mummy K

My off day today, it got me all excited because last week I only had a day off and I wasted it on doing nothing at home! So today I made plans with Mummy K to the gallery for Salvador Dali's exhibition. We were having a quick bite at Pushka (they serves the best bagel in town I reckon) after we met up. We were updating each other on ourselves. Mind you, we were hanging out together on Friday and Saturday. This was the funny part...

"Oh... I went to D.O.C. on the weekend for dinner. The food wasn't that good anymore. I've been there before and then I went back again on the weekend, the food somehow wasn't as good anymore," Mummy K was trying to fill me up with what she had done on the weekend.

"Huh??" I was puzzled.

"D.O.C., the pizza restaurant, you know? The place in Carlton, that serves pizza?? I was there on the weekend!!"

"Mummy, I was sitting opposite you at dinner that night!"

And we broke into a laughing fit. So that started our little artsy fartsy mid-week afternoon at the gallery. What happened after that was a mystery...

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