Tuesday, August 25, 2009

one night only, Bronson

Four more sleeps and we'll be in Christchurch. Very exciting but I've 101 things to do before I go. My place is in a big mess since I've been working everyday, all I wanna do at the end of the day is have a good meal, watch some bad TV and hit the sack. Had two days off last week because I was sick like a dog. I was feeling rather run-down prior to that. Of course, I had been working everyday with no day-off for more than two weeks, pffftt! Anyway, lots of herbal tea and two visits to my homoeopath put me back in shape.

Got a message from Bronson on Tuesday. He was in town for just one night so the very sick me with husky voice caught up with this very good, old friend for dinner and drinks, then more drinks, and more drinks... He looked very well, in fact, he looked younger than six years ago, how is that possible? Don't ask me! He hasn't revealed his secret. I was really excited to see him. We used to hang out in KL back in those days, erm... about 10 years back? We were young, fearless and green. We went to places, we met people and we kicked arse. Those years were mad, I don't think I can ever feel the same way today regardless of how much fun I have. Not in a bad way though, we just experience things differently as we mature.

Before getting Bronson from his hotel, I was a little worried that we would have nothing to talk about. Man... we couldn't stop talking from the moment he got in the car. We picked it up from exactly where we've left it. It's really warming to see friends like that. Don't you just wish we've more of these friends in life? I'm lucky to have many, and I love effortless conversation with good friends. Sasha joined us after dinner, we went to a couple of bars after. Sasha ended up not remembering how she got home. It was such great evening - spontaneous, great company and heaps of sake, vodka, cognac + cocktails! Thinking about Tuesday night puts a big smile on my face.

He promised he'll be back for Spring Carnival. Just can't wait for that!

I'm so awake now after dinner. Sometimes Bikram yoga really screws up my time. I finish at 9-ish, dinner at 10-ish after shower and by time I clean up it'll be almost midnight. I'll be so awake and I'll curse when the alarm rings the following day, damn! Perhaps I should wind down now and prepare for bed. Looking forward to sexy, windy and wet weather tomorrow, :)


Diana said...

Babe where got 10 yrs so long??? We're not THAT old la hahaha... In fact it was about 8 or 9 yrs hehehe 1 digit is always better than 2!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Okay, 8 or 9 years. Yeah, that makes me feel so much younger, -_-"