Friday, August 07, 2009

tribute to Joey Khor

Tell me the new layout is not lovely. Tell me it is not me. All these happened over night, thanks to Joey! Man... this is just amazing! I'm too embarrassed to tell anyone that I've got my Diploma in Graphic Design but I've got a bunch of friends who are great designers though. Oh well, at least I gain something from college days *giggle*

Anyways, I'm very pleased with myself today. Twenty-two days to Christchurch. I cycled to work after a two-week hiatus. I rode yesterday too but riding to South Yarra is actually easier compared to Carlton although the latter is much nearer to me. It was uphill after uphill today. And the strong wind wasn't helping at all! I was riding against the wind so it definitely slow me down and the dust was annoying. Most importantly, Pinko and LL made it home safely after struggling very hard to keep Pinko straight and not getting blown away.

I've also gotten back to Bikram Yoga after a one year break. It was also my first class after I had my fracture on my spine. Instructor said I was pretty good for one who had stopped for a year but I could feel the pain on that particular disk that had caused me pain in the past ten months. It only hurts when I'm doing certain positions though. It was very disappointing, sigh... So people, listen to me. Love your spine, love yourself, there's nothing more important than having a healthy body, especially your spine. My condition is irreversible, I'm just hoping with more practise and exercises, I'll build stronger muscle on my back to support my spine and I'll eventually get better. I'm really upset about my back.

Alrighty, it's getting late, gotta go catch up on my beauty sleep so I don't feel like crap at work. I wanna go yoga again tomorrow but I'm not particularly motivated. I'll tell you if I make it there. Sweet dreams my dears!

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