Friday, May 01, 2009

I'm feeling younger

Another birthday has passed and I'm none the older, or wiser I supposed. While my bestie is engaged and another good friend is expecting her first baby, I'm still living like an 18-year-old - getting thrashed on weekends and not remembering later half of the nights.

Really excited for my friends. I can only keep my fingers crossed hoping I can save enough moolah to fly back for the big day. Things are really unpredictable for me now as I haven't found a job and having a bit of problem on the financial side of things. I've been good though, budgeting my expenses by eating and drinking out much, much less. Am still looking for a job during this financial crisis period. I know it's not gonna be easy but people are still hiring, it's just whether they are keen on hiring this wide-eyed fresh graduate.

So birthday celebrations were separated into three nights. And of course, I was drunk at all three. So much booze, so little sleep, hence I'm left with a cough and wonderful birthday gifts from friends. Most importantly, my Christchurch ski trip is now confirmed, thanks peeps, I'll think of you when I ski down the slopes. I cannot wait. Buller is open for $20 bucks per day this weekend. Can you believe it's open five weeks before the season? It's been cold all week, heard on the radio yesterday it's the coldest April in fifty-odd years. I seriously love the cold but am also worry at the same time... the world's climate is changing drastically. Soon we'll not have spring and autumn, it's just gonna be summer and winter.

It's been a long time since I wrote. It actually feels damn good letting my fingers tell my story. Going for food and window shopping with Sasa. I'll be back, this time I promise!

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