Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pinko and I did it!

Photo courtesy of June
It's been almost a month since Pinko was given to me but I was just too chicken to take her out of the hood. Oh well, I attempted once but the traffic on Collin Street freaked the both of us out. However, I'm not one who gives up easily. So yesterday, I got Sasa to escort me to get out of here.

This time, we made it! We did some warming up below my place, then headed straight to Crown, then dinner at South Melbourne, back to Crown to watch Observe and Report, back to Sasa's place again to play cards, and later I cycled myself home. Twenty-five minutes to get home from hers, not bad at all! And I amazed myself with the fact that I made the slopes without having to get off the bike and push. My single gear grandmother bicycle isn't bad at all!

I couldn't stop thinking about Pinko at work today. I just couldn't wait to finish and go home to take Pinko out. This evening's adventure was to the south-eastern side. Following the route yesterday, I went to Sasa's to drop off her stuff and off we headed towards Prahran to meet up with June and Des for some cheap pizza and beer at Lucky Coq. Tonight, I could eat as much as I desire sans the guilt, knowing I'll burn them off later. It was a great evening catching up with the riding couple and my good friend Sasa didn't fail to amuse and amaze us with her self-absorbing jokes! I just hope June and Des don't find her too "weird", although I've to admit that she's one big weirdo (thank god she doesn't read my blog!).

Cycling is really liberating. I'm getting more and more comfortable cycling amidst other vehicles. Just why did I stop cycling in the past 15++ years? Perhaps it's just too dangerous to do it back home with that crazy traffic and drivers' insensible way of driving. It is really good here where most people obey the road rules, respect and give way to each other. It's also very good for my pocket too - saving on petrol, parking and infringement! It is also a free way for me to exercise, preparing myself for the upcoming snow season and lose those fat for Fern's wedding. Not to forget, it's environmental friendly!

Oh man... enough of promoting cycling. I'm just gonna finish up with my nails and hit the sack. I am cycling to work tomorrow morning, ^_~

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