Friday, August 31, 2007

Tasmania: the Road Hog Cows

I was in Tasmania with Mozzie Jo for the first time about two months ago. Mozzie Jo got me the air tickets for my birthday. So off the bimbos went on a trip. Two nights in Launceston and three nights in Hobart. Flew in to Launceston and we drove around for the following days in our rented Mitsubishi Outlander. I was the driver and Mozzie Jo was the navigator who couldn't differentiate between right and left, east and west. It was basically a bimbo vs. bimbo situation.At one time while I was driving, a herd of cows was hogging the road and I couldn't go anywhere except for stopping the car. I had never seen so many cows in my way on the road before and I went...

"lock the doors, lock the doors," and I locked the doors. Within seconds I went
"take the camera, take pictures!" and so we did.

Two minutes later, Jo turned to me and said...

"what's with locking the doors? You expect the cows to come over and open our doors and rob us?"

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