Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I Do Sports

My left knee is half dead. It was injured when I was in Falls and the intense exercising that we're doing on the slopes is making it worse. I can't even walk properly. The bruises that I have gotten all over my body aren't as sexy as tattoos unfortunately. One of my fingers is injured and it hurts now when I'm exercising it on my keyboard. Haven't been getting my "minimum 8 hours, ideally 12 hours sleep" at all.

Despite all of those mentioned above, I'm having a ball! I am totally in love with the snow and the slopes. They totally rock and the more I do it, the better I have control over my skis and pick up more speed. From falling and couldn't get up on a green to parallel down the blues made me very happy, really. Now I believe that I can actually do it! Can you believe Lynn actually enjoys sport? I couldn't believe myself.

So when I return to Melbourne, I'll have to start planning to get a bank loan for Hakuba next year. June and Desmond, I can't resist temptations! Can I pick up a couple of thousand on the street next week?

Can't wait for a massage when I return Melbourne, and probably some visits to the physio *frown*


Silly Meow-Emily said...

Hey girl hope you are doing fine there... don't leave the bruises aren't attented... =)
btw side track abit...how much is your fendi leather spy bag? one of my fren interested to buy

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

RM7767 for the lamb skin in black.

Silly Meow-Emily said...

Fuiyor expensivenya... heheheh...thanks babe!