Thursday, August 23, 2007

So Today's Thursday

...and I thought it was Wednesday.

I was buying some flowers at that small little stall at the corner of Toorak Road and another road that I don't know its name. The guy was chatting with me and asked me how was my day.

"man... I'm really tired. Can't believe it's only mid week"
"tomorrow will be the end of the week"
"no, tomorrow's not the end of the week!"
"oh... so you work weekends, don't you?"
"no, I don't"
"so tomorrow's the end of the week for you"
"no, it's not! Another day to go"

I guess he couldn't be f*cked arguing with me and I had no idea that I was confusing him. I got the flowers with two dollars discount, crossed the road and jumped into the car. Not until 5 minutes ago that I realized, tomorrow is the end of the week, it is Friday.

The retard in my class today had gotten me so angry, the fume must've messed up my thoughts. We were having some group work in class, and a person from the group would casually present our idea to the class. I would say that my group members for today were very 'creative' and were full of suggestions. It took us forever to agree with each other on a decision. Well, doesn't matter. When it came to the presentation, this Mr Weird Accent volunteered to present and had decided to ignore our agreed answers and started blabbing his own answers *roll eyes*

The rest of what happened isn't important anymore. I'm exhausted today. And I need to attend a farewell bowling session now when I can't even open my eyes, ppffft!

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