Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hawaii: All Else That I Can Remember...

Food was generally huge in portion. These American (and tourists including us) had burgers and Coke for brekkie. I was missing my herbal tea or the occasional long black on the first day. Most of my companions loved the food, I was okay with most of them but they are not something that I would crave for again, except for Sansei like I've mentioned before.

Plate lunch was one of my favourite through out the trip. Very much like the Asian version of mixed rice with both western and eastern entrees (entree = our main; appetizer = our entree), and macaroni salad, kinda yummy. Especially the one at the food court before we left Maui.Sam Choy, the most recommended Hawaiian cuisine by the locals (to us tourists) didn't make my heart beat any quicker. Seeing two traditional sumo wrestlers and their wives dining at the restaurant made Jessie and I went a bit cuckoo though. Hey, I've never seen sumo wrestler in person with sleek oily hair tied in a mini pony tail, feet in wooden-thongs supporting their huge body.The traditional Lu'au was so not my kinda thing. Buffet style, tasteless food and scary looking whole-roasted pig. We had it at the Polynesian Cultural Centre. It was a good experience though. 200% a touristy place but we were the tourists so...My favourite activity of the trip besides shopping, of course, was sailing in the morning with Jessie, SP and Wayne on our last day. It was just sensational. Tanning on the Catamaran and watched the clouds danced slowly was the best way to end our trip. Did some snorkeling on the same trip and it was kinda fun. It was my first snorkeling experience as I kept thinking that it would not be as fun as diving but it was a different experience. Jessie and I got motion sickness once we got on the Catamaran and felt sicker when we were snorkeling, what losers were we!Pearl Harbour was too packed for me to enjoy. Firstly, I was on medication for my big foot, hence I was constantly either drowsy or hungry. We got there not too early and had to queue, take our numbers and waited for about 2 hours in total for less-than-an-hour video presentation and boat ride to the memorial which was built right on top of the sunken USS Arizona. If you ask me, it's not worth a visit but then again, it's one of those place that I told that I 'need' to go, pfftt!Milyn and I also went on a private jet tour to look at the live lava. It was amazing although a little pricey. It was about USD200 per person if I'm not wrong but was really an eye-opening experience to have flew on top of the volcanoes and saw the lava flowing in bright fluorescent orange. Some said the night tour would be more beautiful. I believed so.Nightlife in Oahu is nothing compared to Melbourne or KL. Went to two famous ones after asking every other people on the street - Lotus Lounge and Sansabar. The previous was conquered by half asians, and the latter were conquered by 80% black. I really didn't mind the crowd but the music sucks. All r&b. Got to speak to some taxi drivers later and we were told that they used to have some clubs that played house but were all closed down or have changed to r&b club, what a waste?! Hawaiian just love their reggae and r&b.Driving a left hand drive wasn't that hard. I was the designated driver for the three days two nights in Maui and I did well. Phew... at last the bimbo had contributed some effort for the group.Maui has got the most beautiful beaches.Big Island has got a lot of volcanoes.

And Oahu is a shopping heaven with Japanese everywhere.

That's all I can remember from my holiday that ended two months ago. It was absolutely a kick-arse trip with good friends - a planner, a shopper, all eaters, a counter, a crazy and a bimbo! I seriously got nicely tanned but I'm all white now within two months!I'm going on another holiday before I could write about Tasmania. Will do that soon, promise!

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