Friday, August 10, 2007

Love from NZ

Greetings from Queenstown!

This charming little town isn't as cold as I had expected it to be. Went on the Milford Sound cruise with the ladies and it was pouring the whole day. We had a good time regardless and I'm now called the Chuckie-without-alcohol-influence #1. I threw up after the almost-5-hour road trip and threw up after the cruise. To solve Michele and my motion sickness problem, we both had to be in the front seat so both of us had to take turns to drive. Not bad at all, better than to puke my way down.

The girls took me to get my first Fergburger in my life. It was, like told by everyone who had tried, very yummy! I had the Fergburger with Swiss cheese today, it was delish but, yes, there is a but, it didn't sweep me off my feet. Cjay reckoned that was because I have not met the 'right' burger. So I'm now on a mission to try as many Fergs as possible on the menu, in search of my Right Burger, that sweeps me off my feet!

Alright, I shouldn't be antisocial. Time to drink as we get to sleep in a little tomorrow before some hardcore skiing next week, which promises 6am up every morning, sob...


Anonymous said...

Today everywhere was bad. Friends went to Hotham today, and said only one run was open - Blue Ribbon, high winds and dangerous ice slopes......mmmm not a great few days for snow. Carve it up........ and u will find that one ferg burger that u will love... trust me, try the blue cheese one, mmmmmm and also BIG AL oh my, drooollllll !!!!! Powder mmmmm so jealous.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

June, we had to have time off from each other. 24/7 under one roof will make us all turn into alcoholics, Facebook and Blogger is good for us. I've not been having enough sleep, my plan of sleeping at 10pm every night won't happen. Snow was amazing, I'm in love with them! Been hanging out with Eva and Michele on the slope, good fun!

Anonymous a.k.a. Damian, what a shame that you're not with us, :(