Saturday, August 04, 2007


I'm dumb. I've made a big mistake. I've ended things and my heart is aching.

I was the stupid fool who thought it was the best decision but no, that wasn't what I wanted, really. So I've broken two hearts and I'm regretting it. I cannot deal with it. I cannot let go. I cannot believe what I've said.

Can I undone what I've done? God, I beg you.


So I've to admit that I'm a loser as I did it because I was afraid, that I was trying to push the limit without myself realizing it. I couldn't deal with what I couldn't do but I've also realized, more than anything else that, I can't deal with losing him in my life. I am just going to follow my heart (if I've got a chance) and not my dumb head, and do things that I want and say words that I mean.

Please not let me live in regrets.


Silly Meow-Emily said...

Who is the "him"??
What have you done??
I'm sure things can be change if you have the will...

Anonymous said...

Everything happens for a reason, la di da... betcha heard it many many times before. But it's true, I feel.

Whatever it is, always remember to stay strong girl :)

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Emily, 'him' is someone significant to me, who I stupidly thought he wasn't. I didn't realize how much I want him to be in my life till I lost him. I want to change things but seems like it is too late.

Angie, things happened because of me being too dumb and how I didn't want to admit to my own feelings. I thought I was stronger than that but no, I'm a loser. Yes, whatever it is, the worst can happen is a broken heart with some tears. I'll pick myself up and move on quick. There are a lot of things in life when I can't take control of.

Silly Meow-Emily said...

Do i know who "he" is?
If you already lost him...meaning you 2 has got no fate! Although it is brutal truth and sad but who knows this door closed another door opens? I always believe that there will be one person that is destinated to be with another person. This person will be the right guy/gal for you to be with.
Somethings are beyond our control so we must take control of what we can. =) don't be sad girl and enjoy your holiday as much as can for now!

Anonymous said...

Trust your instincts, Lynn. Yes, I got my heart muddled by my logical mind many times. But after ignoring the monkey mind and acting on my instincts, life is so much easier and happier.

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Melle, you're absolutely right. Everything's solved now, both heart and head are happy!