Monday, May 05, 2008

Meeting the Parents

More than thirteen months ago, we spoke for the first time. After that, we had more conversations throughout the year over the phone and Skype. We had several chances to meet in September last year but I piked. Last weekend, we've finally got together and it was absolutely lovely.

Candyman's parents were very warm and welcoming. I was anything but uncomfortable. They made me felt like part of the family the minute we met, we just had so much to talk about. There were times where Candyman was annoyed by us - Mrs L and myself ganging up against him. I couldn't help but to call myself silly for being nervous about meeting the parents the night before, although I've already known them for more than a year now. Candyman was right, there really wasn't anything for me to worry about - I just had to be myself and every minute with them was delightful.

It was great to see Nurse Brother and his Sweet Girlfriend again too, after putting my embarrassment way behind (a year ago, Candyman took me home and I met Nurse Brother for the first time and there were some embarrassing but really funny moments between us). I went to the footy for the first time and watched Nurse Brother played. Mrs L and Candyman were with me all the time teaching me the rules of the games and I was instantly hooked. Oh well, like Candyman was telling everyone, I was the asian bogan footy chick!
In those 30 hours with the family, I've not felt hungry at all. We were spoilt kids that were constantly fed with yummy food prepared with lotsa love. I even got to decide on what Mrs L was going to cook, depending on what I like and what I don't take. That just reminded me of being at home with family, especially when Dad was around when we would talked about anything under the sun over one too many drinks.
30 hours with them and I'm already missing the company. I didn't expect myself to like the whoop whoop land but it was in fact very refreshing to get out of the smoke for a change. Time seemed to pass by slower and I seemed to be calmer. People were genuine and air was extraordinarily fresh, not to mention the mercury is much lower too!

I'm Lucky Lynn who has a wonderful boyfriend with a loving family. Can you imagine having potential in-laws from hell?


Elizebeth D.L. said...


Does that mean the sound of the bell is pretty near?:p

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Deisy, no no! Not at all. The bell is not even in sight yet, don't worry. You make some babies and I'll slowly find the bell, xoxo