Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sorry about lunch!

Birthday celebration was a huge mad party on Thursday night/Friday morning, causing myself to cancel the lunch. BIG SORRY, peeps. It's a long story and it was that bad or I wouldn't have done it. I'll tell you guys personally when I see you.

Some said it was the most expensive weekend. I said it was a massive birthdays weekend. Managed to dragged myself out of bed at 12am on Friday to attend my so-called 3rd birthday celebration, it was awesome.

Last night, Alice and I ate, drank and partied like it was our birthday (again) instead of TY's. Candyman arrived fresh from HK while I was still drunk. He's my best birthday gift! He's off to work after getting fed by me. I'm gonna feed myself with more dimsums from the east side, woot!

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