Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Just a Little

I remember vividly what I dreamt of two nights ago. I saw Dad. It wasn't my first time, in fact, I often dream of him. My mum believes Dad is missing me too and he's been visiting me, after all, I'm his biggest worry. This particular dream two nights ago, however, was extraordinarily long and it's stuck in my head.

It was Dad's funeral but his spirit was around us. He didn't realize he was dead and was living his everyday life until he saw his body lying peacefully in the coffin and his beautiful photo sitting nicely on the altar. He was in disbelief but with no choice, accepted the fact that he's physically parted from us. The dream went on and it took us to our daily activities where he was living with us. Many times he was there to helped us, from helping subtly here and there to saving us from accidents. I felt at peace in this dream. I felt like Dad is once again very close to me, protect me and taking care of me all the time.

I woke up with a smile followed by tears. I want more of this dream. Maybe it's true, that Dad is around me, always giving me a hand, hoping that life would be a little easier for his little girl everyday. I believe so but it would be nice if I can see him a little, or smell him a little but when these fail, I can only let my heart feel him a little more.

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Torture a confession said...

Hugs...I hope you have more of those dreams...