Thursday, May 22, 2008

My stomach is making noise

SaSa and I were discussing about a friend's break-up and how the boy refused to get to know her friends and couldn't be bothered putting in effort to be friendly. We had concluded that if your partner is 'too lazy' to be nice to your friends, you can dump him straight away. That lead me into thinking my boyfriend-friends relationship.

It's a nightmare - they love him and he loves them too much.

He wants to be Daddy K's gay partner; Kiwi's stomp dancing apprentice; TY's bitch-about-Lynn buddy; Violet's sms/hip hop mate. He makes me laugh in ways like that, my boyfriend is my nosy bitch who tries to look cool!

He's getting me Wii and Wii Fit and hopefully he won't be too busy to go shopping. I expect them to be waiting for me when I see him. I wanna lose some weight before I see him and that means I've to get my lazy arse to Bikram yoga from tomorrow onwards. Besides, I need to be fit for the snow. My Hotham trip at the end of July is confirmed, woot! I can't wait no more but I've not gotten my birthday ski boots (thanks guys!) and skis yet.

Winter is just around the corner, bliss! You know winter is here to play with you when you're constantly craving for hotpot. My fellow hotpot lover, Jessie, is living her delivery life in the Big Apple. Thank goodness I found out that my favourite girl Becks is a hotpot fanatic too. We had a 3-hour session at Famous Hotpot last night with Milyn and I was pretty sure they were annoyed at how much food we could eat (all-you-can-eat menu) and they had to open till late for us because we wasted too much time talking, laughing and dancing. Yes, we danced in a hotpot joint, freaking retarded! I'm looking forward to next week's hotpot session.Chilli chicken/prawns tomorrow, who's interested, give me a buzz. I'm feeling hungry now, why do we feel hungry when it's cold?

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