Friday, May 09, 2008

Tiesto in Melbourne

We went to Tiesto last Friday and it was absolutely awesome. Most people around us were off their faces, Candyman and myself were very disciplined that night. Thanks to DJ Tiesto's excellent work, the vibe was so good it pushed us so high we were dancing all night without intoxicating ourselves too much. One thing about Festival Hall was its ventilation. For f*ck's sake, if you have an event here, get your friggin' venue ready for the crowd. It was like a massive sauna in the hall, squeezing every last drop of sweat to drip from its gland. That was crap! Everyone was soaked in sweat - Candyman's t-shirt was still wet in the laundry basket the morning after we got up! Most of the muzzas took off their shirt. We girls were melting and so was our make-up. I came home with only mascara and lipstick left, but it was all good fun.

Thanks Daddy K and Mummy K for getting me the ticket for my birthday, xoxo

Now, am sure we're all looking forward to Armin in four weeks' time. This time it's gonna be full on for me!

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