Thursday, May 22, 2008

Can't stop them from coming out

Excuse me but I've verbal diarrhea. My friends have been extraordinarily patient with me. Four hours of me non-stop talking put them in severe aural abuse, and that happens every time when I see them. Put me together with Charm or Becks, we've the power to turn around the whole place, and it's merely verbal power we're talking about. Becks and Lynn - who's noisier? Charm and Lynn - who's dumber? Keat and Lynn - who's more bimbo? Thank goodness we've some smart and normal friends around, and I sometimes wonder, what are these normal people doing with us?

I was planning to organize a Sex and the City movie + girls' night out but you know what? All Gold Class tickets are gone, god damn it! So our plan of movie, good food, drink and dance has been postponed, till the next good chick flick screening. I'm gonna watch SATC in Singapore with Candyman *grin* I know he doesn't like the four NY girls but I know what to do to make him happy.


He just called to tell me that his needy ex-gf called, hurhurhur... that girl makes me laugh. Anyway, he called and said when he said 'yes' to the movie, it was his moment of weakness. Oh well, too bad for him. If I've a choice, I would rather watch the movie with my girls too, so Baby, you're only my plan B, in this regard.

Time for bed. XOXO.

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Unknown said...

when will you be in Singapore?

I wll be there on the 26 - 29th June