Thursday, June 28, 2007


Something is living in my apartment besides myself. A ghost. I can't believe this happens after all these time that I've been living in this cosy little place. How did I find out?

First, my planner went missing mysteriously. I was happily scribbling on it before I left the apartment to Hawaii. I am almost 100% sure I didn't take it with me because I had another travel notebook with me. When I returned from Hawaii, I was first occupied with my Candyman, then Armin's White Party before I packed up and left for Tasmania. I didn't go anywhere that I would possibly bring my planner. Now it has gone missing.

Then, last night I was folding my laundry, mainly towels and pyjamas. Half way through I had to leave my apartment to meet up with the boys for drinks. I left everything on the bed and there was a big pile of cleaned PJs on the bed. I came home after midnight, smashed, put everything aside before I passed out on my bed. Tonight, after my shower, I was wanting to wear this particular PJs and I realized they had went missing. Look, it's a big pile of clothes we're talking about. I've looked everywhere: the bathroom, laundry area, laundry basket, under the bed, kitchen cabinets, fridge and balcony.

If there is no ghost, where are my planner and clothes?
My junk station, f*cking embarrassing, I know!


Whasup said...

too much mushrooms!! haha i see ghost in your picture boo!!

Anonymous said...

i've heard this one before...did someone steal ur pjs again???


tracy said...

i think someone else has your appt keys, i dont know, u might wanna change it.
could be some the building, which u've once left ur keys with, or someone who found ur keys?

Noto said...

i agree~ must've be some stalker... took ur planner so can follow ur schedule... n took ur clothes back home to sniff~ go youtube.. check out JJ's latest MV... 林俊杰 - 杀手

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Whassup, you're full of shit!

Steph, 3P!!!

Tracy, you guys are scaring me but don't think so. Mine are security keys, you can't get them duplicated outside and it just doesn't make sense but you are scaring me.

Noto, what has the song's MV gotta do with the ghost in my apartment???

Anonymous said...

Lynn it's the ring tone!! I told you.. now u're jinxed.. pls don't answer the next call!!! It's gonna be your last call!!!

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Di, I'm pretty sure the fall we had on Friday had totally screwed your mind up. Let's go and see the doctor together tomorrow, see if there's any 1-for-1 consultation in our e-book!

Anonymous said...

lol no I'm pretty sure it's that ring tone.. throw your phone away! BTW there's no 1-for-1 doc consultation from the e-booK! There's only discounts for spas.. which is what I need now..