Sunday, June 24, 2007

Stay Away, Liars!

Say what you want about me concluding things before I should but I believe in my instinct. To top that off, I'm a female who is sometimes being called the psycho b*tch. I won't change my mind, until you prove me wrong!

I cannot live with people who lie full stop

I've always tell you this same theory - if you have cheated on me and be honest with me and beg for forgiveness, you have a 50-50 chance plus I can still take you as my friend. If you have cheated on me and put in more effort to make up lies while thinking that I'm the dumb b*tch who will buy your stories, you should start packing up before I burn down your house. I probably will forgive you after. I don't usually hold on to my grudge.

I solemnly pray that my life will be free of liars from now on. They belong to another world with each other and not in my beautifully crafted bubble world.

Good morning Sunday. Goodbye liar.
Lucky Lynn in Hua dress. Picture courtesy of Cool Jo.


Whasup said...

and also dodgy people.. cheer up and go back to sleep is sunday..... got lotsa funny stories tat happened over the weekend we partied in kiasuland.. wish u were here & dun worry we drank for u hahaha

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Dodgy people, like?
It was a beautiful day, I went out to get some fresh air and to clear my mind up. It somehow worked.
It was very thoughtful of you guys to have drunken on my behalf, xx

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

looking hot there..yeap its the sad truth that theres lots of bastards around in this world..have to face matter how much u avoid them

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

Joe, thanks, ^_~

Since I can't avoid them, I hope they'll avoid me then...

Anonymous said...

babe decided to take ur advise and organise something for me and nik.. in any case cant wait to see u again.. :)

Lucky Lazy Lynn said...

What have you organized? I'm so excited for you guys!