Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Highs and Lows

The heaters at home that I did not use at all last winter have been pushed to work excessively this couple of days - and I've only been home for the last 3 days. This winter is colder than the last two and I'm loving it. I can't help but to wonder if this is a sign for me? My last winter in Melbourne and God is giving me what I've always been longing for, as well as to make full use of my heaters, electric blankets and winter jackets for my last time?

Moving along...

What happens when your fever is over?

You get going in life!

You don't think straight when you're having the fever, the high. Erm... it is more like you can't rather than don't. You're delusional. The temperature has to come down, of course. What happens is when it drops and you gain your consciousness once again, you are sunk into this emotional down because your body has been fighting so hard for you.

Reality re-emerges and you know what? Sometimes, reality is the biggest b*tch! I'm one who doesn't buy the idea of reality as it is only a version of life that you choose to believe. When your belief strays, others think you're living in your own bubble. I live in my own bubble at most times, my fantasy world. Like Pat and Violet would say "Lynn has a movie in her mind". Nevertheless, I do have to get a break from my bubble sometimes.

Perhaps it is the cold in Melbourne that forces my temperature to drop and shoo my fever away. Or it's just one of those time where I have to step out of my bubble and get some fresh air. It can be very disheartening but there are some things that you just cannot change. God's sense of humour has come to a new high and we shall just appreciate it and have a good laugh. Just allow me to say one more time before this gibberish ends...

Life is not fair. I'm not complaining as I always believe, life is not suppose to be fair.

I believe I'll regain my energy once I've eaten enough supplements and food. Life still goes on and I am not afraid of being hit by another fever. That will only mean that I'm still alive and kicking.
In a very figure forgiving Hua top

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