Thursday, July 17, 2008


Dad once told me there's no winner or loser in a marriage, it would either be two winners or two losers.

That was kinda unusual coming from Him, I didn't take him seriously then. For some strange reason, I thought about it last night before I fell asleep. What about relationships? Can one really win? Is the one who initiates the breakup and moves on first the winner? Is the person who comes back begging and crying for another chance the loser? Is cheater always happier because there's always someone in his/her arms? Should the one being cheated feels happy because he/she sees the light?

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Noto said...

Your lou tou cousin is here to give some words~ The one who can move on with life faster is the winner qua~ human bound to something would slow down footsteps de~ afterall, Life is all about urself~ no mer?