Friday, July 25, 2008

I'd rather be writing

I went shopping yesterday, that’s before Yummy Mummy gave me that ‘emergency’ call. The domestic goddess in me was shopping for a pot. I’ve burnt one few nights ago while attempting to make cream of sweet corn and chicken soup. Arrrgghh… I was just so dumb. So instead of spending more money on clothes which absolutely doesn’t make sense cause I’ve to get rid four big bags of them, some of which the labels are still attached, I spent my money on kitchen utensils. There was this set of red pots and pans with a 50% price slash. Red – my favourite colour! Called Pat to ask if the brand’s okay to buy and if they are worth that price, she gave me the green light and she asked me, don’t you know all these? No, my mum bought most of the things in my kitchen. Then while waiting for Yummy Mummy to get into the city, I splurged on that GHD limited edition styler. It’s a straightener/styler so a friend asked me why do I need a hair straightener when my hair’s straight now. Because… I don’t know. I’m just an idiot for anything beautiful and that little thing in white is just so tempting. So I justified my purchase by saying I needed it to curl my hair. Then I realized, I don’t know how! I’ve never had these gadgets. I hate spending time doing anything to my hair, I don’t even blow dry my hair in winter. Oh man, I’m just so freaking stupid! Just like those MAC fake lashes that I’ve bought 6 months ago, half a dozen of them, I’ve never learnt to put them on. But since I’ve spent so much money on this thing, I’m determined to learn. Next week when I return from the snow, I’m gonna start using it.I’m so tired today. Basically got no sleep from last night and been out all day. Having an early start can be really productive. I got TY from the airport, had breakfast, went grocery shopping with her, dropped her home, collected my MIFF season pass, got my brazilian wax, coffee with June, more grocery shopping, quick catch up with Jev and John, posted an entry before heading out for dinner with the usual suspects, drinks and home. Very happy with what I’ve done but what about cleaning up and looking for a job?? My place is kinda gross but I’m sleepy night. So good night peeps, will try to get up early to clean tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

hey babe, good way to get rid of the clothes u dont want