Tuesday, July 22, 2008

bumming within the junks

My suitcase, Lime Green, is widely opened sitting in the living room, it's been lying there with my new summer clothes in it since I came back a month ago. Another mini red one is also widely opened lying next to it, with my travel toiletries and a bottle of vodka in it. These were from Buller last weekend. There are at least six handbags lying around, on the dining table (that I don't use), side table, study chair and on the floor. There are shopping bags that are unopened, which makes me wonder, why did I purchase when they don't excite me enough to unwrap when I got home? Then there are my laptop case, four big bags of clothes to sell, shoes in boxes that my shoes storage can't take anymore, and a big paper bag from the previous trip. Not to mention the bills that keeps coming in, and shoes that I use and didn't bother to put them back into their boxes.

All these, all these annoying shit sitting in my tiny little apartment. I'm determined to tidy up tonight. No clean living room, no sleep.

Also, I don't spend enough evenings at home. I've a fridge full of food that I don't get to cook. I've been out every single night. The last time I cooked was... I can't remember. Had to be at least two weeks ago. What happened to "I'm broke, I need to eat in"? And I've all these plans till next Sunday - dinners and more dinners, exhibition launch, Hotham, farewell, welcome, wedding dress shopping, even lunches are pretty much taken till end of next week. So a bummer like me is so-called very busy, how do working people make it? I miss this little pumpkin so much, I wanna pinch her cheeks!

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