Thursday, July 24, 2008

Opss... I did it again!

While I was walking aimlessly at Myer last night, I got an 'emergency' call from Yummy Mummy telling me that she needed a drink. Why not? So we went to Cookie, had a bottle of the cheapest Malborough Sauv Blanc and we were two happy women. The woman had withdrawal syndrome and needed to drink. I absolutely understand what she meant although I've not experienced that for a long time - I've been drinking quite regularly.

Alright, so we had a good time catching up. It was the first one-on-one for us since I came back from my recent trip. There were a lot for us to talk about. About her work, my work; her men, my men; her boss, my boss; our friends; our future; handbags and everything else that we could think of. We were enjoying each others and the wine's company so much, we forgot that we hadn't eaten. So we finished the first bottle and as usual, I needed wanted more. We ordered the second bottle and we finished it. It was still not enough for me but Yummy Mummy said she's drunk but I insisted, we ordered another two glasses instead, which was such a bad idea.

We finished the two glasses, stood up to leave. I was surprised that I felt drunk. For the record, I usually do more than 2.5 bottles among two people. I didn't remember that we were drinking on empty stomach but that's besides that point. Anyway, as we were leaving the bar, these two guys stopped us and talked to us. Oh well, you know, when you're drunk, everyone's your friend (sometimes even when I'm sober =_=" ). Mummy seemed to be very interested in the man, as for mine, I don't remember what we spoke about at all. I can vaguely remember he bought me a glass of wine, I had some of it and realized it's not a good idea that I keep drinking. So I pulled Mummy aside and asked her if she was gonna go home with his guy, she said she doesn't mind. I told everyone that I was going to the loo and I'll be back. I left.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, don't follow suit. Don't you ever dare to drink and drive. I did the wrong thing. I shouldn't have driven at all. So I drove myself home not knowing how I managed to. Very dangerous I must say. I swear I will not do that again. By the way, before I went home, in my state of drunk, I had chilli chicken takeaway. Not bad for a drunkard huh?!

Whatever that happened when I got home was very vague. All I could recall was speaking to Mummy on the phone, she didn't end up going home with her guy, but throwing up at the side of the road instead. The guy, Mark I think, called to check on me. Obviously I gave out my number without realizing it, hmm... but that's okay, it's just my mobile, I can always screen calls. The next thing I know, I woke up at 4-ish feeling really sick. I threw up and it was disgustingly spicy. I didn't remember that I had eaten. I went to the kitchen to get the best chilli reliever - aloe vera juice, and saw used plates in the sink and chicken bones in the bin, no shit.

Then I was in bed, tossing and turning, couldn't fall back to deep sleep. Decided to get up at quarter past six for a shower and got ready to get TY from the airport. Oh yes, my part time lesbian lover is back. I swear I was still feeling drunk this morning. I was pretty sure if I got pulled over by booze bus, I'll have to kiss my drivers license goodbye. Or at least I'll get a fine.

I was also really worried about Mummy. Was she okay? Did she get home safe? Any booze bus? I felt so bad for leaving her with two strangers. Shite, I'm turning into Patrick, leaving without saying goodbye. Found out later in the day that she got home safely, leaving her phone in the car hence didn't pick up my calls. She went in to work late as she couldn't get out of bed. Then she was saying "my guy was quite hot right? I thought he was quite hot..."

"Mummy, I couldn't tell, I was blind-drunk!" was my answer.

And I was telling John that it's been a long time that I have these totally sloshed midweek thingy before I paused for a few seconds. That wasn't true - it's been the same in the last four weeks. Damn, the alcohol is killing my brain cells, I don't remember things. I thought this week without Alice and Becks would do my liver good but no, it was worse. I was plastered both Friday and Saturday too.

Some things are never gonna change. Maybe one day but yesterday was definitely not that day.

Gotta shower and get ready for dinner and drinks again. I'm so tired it's not funny but TY leaves me with no option. That demanding bitch!

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